Saturday, September 17, 2011

2 Weeks in Digipen: Prelude to Hell

Overconfidence. Math has never been a big issue for me. A 20min quiz on Coordinate Systems seemed easy enough. I've done my homework - there was no need to study for a simple quiz. But when I came face to face with my underestimated foe, all I could do was to stare helplessly at it for 10 minutes.

Nervously I pulled out the formulas from my memory and proceeded to attack the enemy. But unlike the tests of our Singaporean education system, the question (yes, there was only 1 question with 5 sub-questions) could not be solved with memorized formulas; one needed a deep understanding of the topic. I completed 75% of the quiz, only to realize I got it all wrong from the start. I re-did the question, but again I realized it was still wrong. That can't be good.

But I wasn't the only screwed one. Like a reaper hovering over a field of ripe wheat, the quiz swung its deadly scythe, slicing off the heads of the great majority.

I have never failed math IN MY LIFE. Much less a Super Fail.

Super F!

After this massacre, the whole class became instantly motivated. Flocks will gather around the Math Teaching Assistants to hear them preach after class. For 4 hours. I myself will strive for at least an A-.

Life is becoming more hectic as the days pass, and the days pass exceptionally fast. My new-found friend, Gavin, and I stayed back in school until 11.15pm yesterday to complete our assignments. And its hardly the peak period yet.

But as my psychology professor puts it, "It's hell, but it's enjoyable hell."

I love my modules! From Composition to C Programming, I am passionate about them all. My favourite of all is Psychology. My psychology professor is so hilarious and interesting, and his lessons are very, VERY practical. He teaches us about interacting with people with different personalities, self-development and motivation, and simply being happy. It's just so awesome, I gotta share more about it in another post =)

I always feared that a lazy and irresponsible person such as myself can't survive in DigiPen. By God's grace (and His divine rotan), my flesh is put in check. I need more of His grace; I feel I have been relying too much on my own planning and intelligence.

And I need to play more games! One can't make fun games if he doesn't play them.

But for now, sleep is imperative. Snooze out.

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