Thursday, June 10, 2010

Holy Supper

Last night, I met Amos to pass him something, and we went for supper. Thank God for a great fellowship!

Amos is an army friend of mine, and he is a fervent Christian from another church. When you're in the army, it's comforting to have someone whom you can share about spiritual things, especially someone who is like-minded and mature. It seems that every time we have a private fellowship, we always talk about spiritual things.

So we talked about stuff that I normally wouldn't with many people around. Some of the stuff we shared about were civilian-army life, marriage, the kind of girl that attracts us, money, studies, our future, serving God, church, maturity, our weaknesses etc.

Thank God for a brother like him, I feel a lot more joyful and free (like a load of my chest) after supper with him. Even though he's not into the charismatic, and we don't agree on some doctrines, its completely okay, cause we both don't mind our differences. And although he's not into some of our church doctrines, he has a teachable and humble spirit, and does not mind me talking about it :)

Recently we (W406 and CHC) seem to be in a season of building relationships. May we continue to be a united family, that we may be ready when the crisis has fully arrived :D

P.S. I know, the title of the post is very flaky :P

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