Wednesday, June 16, 2010

1st Zone Meeting after Asia Conference!

We had an really exciting Zone Meeting last night! A wacky and hyper game + good worship + powerful prayer + funky fellowship = woot!

We also celebrated Jasper's and Xue Jun's birthdays!
Man, I know 4 people whose birthdays fall on the 15th June. Leroy's one of them :)

CGLs ordered pizza!

Took a photo of Eugene taking a photo of us.

Samuel and Tan Jin



Weiren with cake.

Jasper, Eugene, Brandon

Pioneer Pizza Partakers - Jasper and Xue Jun.

I has eated teh cake ^^

The Bahu Boys (BHB in short),
eating the Bahu Pizza.

Someone named them the Bahu Boys after they kept calling "Bahuuu......" in earnest expectation of the pizza.

Jin playing with blu-tack

Samuel rockin' on.

Cool dude with Blu-tack shades

Combined Zone Meeting is going to be awesome! Every single time our Zone meets up, its always full of joy and fun, as well as having strong presence of God, ministry and powerful word! Woot can't wait!

A special shout out to Leroy: Happy 21st Birthday!

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