Monday, October 12, 2009

Gonna work on NDP '10 Website! :D

Hey all! I've been told that I will be working with Nigel, Glenn and Justin on websites for NDP!!! If God willing, I'll be posted out of Sungei Gedong!!! When that day arrives, I will sing "Hallelujah..."

That would mean no more waking up so early :)

Army life is kinda fun, despite the many boring hours of doing nothing. I guess we just make up fun stuff to do and keep ourselves occupied haha :X

Last week, we had a "Karaoke" session! Some of us were supposed to set up the sound system for the hall, as there was supposed to be a lecture or presentation. Eventually, no one turned up, so we plugged in Aloysious mp3 to the hall's sound system, and had our mini karaoke session! Yea baby!

We just discovered Amos' talents! He's an awesome music composer- he used Garage Band to create musical pieces in a few hours! Pretty cool stuff! Maybe can get him to compose game music for us next time :D

Bryan and I are thinking of making games for the iPhone, and consequentially for the iPod Touch as well. I'm asking God for an iPod Touch to develop the game, and to keep myself entertained with music while in the confines of camp. Hope you caught the hint ;)

Thanks for reading! :D

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