Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Level Up!

Woohoo! Thank God for good grades :)
Math Quiz 5: 40/40!
C Programming Quiz 4: 15/16
English Test: 16/20!!

English Test was a pleasant surprise, because my friends around me were getting 12/20 and there were rumours that 90% of the cohort failed the test. Bryan, whose English is better than mine, also scored 12/20. I must have been one of the better few XD

My teacher commended me for writing in a coherent flow and using simple words. That really made my day!

Man I love my English teacher - she makes the art of critical reading and writing come alive (although the essays she asks us to read are largely unpleasant and grim).

And 1st time full marks for Math! Woohoo! Thank You Jesus.


The father of a friend of mine had recently been hospitalized; he had fallen from the 2nd storey of a building. As the architect, he was doing inspections in the darkness of the night when he walked through a window, expecting to lean on a glass barrier. The window pane had been removed for repairs or examination, but the supervisors did not inform him, nor did they place any warning signals. Thus, he unknowingly walked off the edge, to gain a broken leg and fractures on the spine.

However, there was no hint of bitterness or anger as he narrated the mishap. Instead, he thanked the Lord for showing how much He loved him. Disregarding the intention of suing the responsible (or irresponsible) parties, he shared of his gratefulness to God that He had protected him. Doctors had expected far worse fractures on his spine. He is still able to walk. He would recover in two months.

In his unfortunate state, and not to mention the sky-high medical bills, he had every reason to complain. The amazing thing was that he was happy. Genuinely.

That really inspired me: I can choose to be happy. I am no way in a worse condition than he is - not even close. There is every reason to rejoice.

And the key is gratefulness to God.

Thank You Jesus, for finding me 10 years ago, as a lonely primary 6 boy rejected by many. Thank You for guiding me through my education, from Sec to Poly and now at DigiPen. Thank You, Father, that You know me inside out, that You know what is best for me. I thank You for the lessons You have taught me, however painful they may have been.

All things will work out for good to those who love God :)

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