Sunday, March 13, 2011

2011: Promotion and Multiplication!

Some months back, Dr. Niko prophesied that 2011 will be a year of Promotion and Multiplication for our church. Thanks be to Weiren for reminding us about that!

Not going to let the evil one steal the word this year.
Not sure if I shared this before but I'll just share it anyway. Last year in October, I felt God showing me that City Harvest Church will grow and expand so rapidly that we will be amazed. He said "Be ready in season and out of season! You and your companions will contain the growth if you will prepare yourselves!"

In other words, some of us, including myself, will rise up to be shepherds, because of the growth. I didn't think of correlating this word with Dr. Niko's prophesy until this week. But of course the promise is conditional; I gotta prepare myself. I wondered, in what way can I prepare myself? Just like what Weiren preached today, one way is to study the Word!

It's such an amazing revelation that the Logos is Jesus Christ! We've heard that Jesus is the living Word, but somehow, this is like some new revelation. It must be realizing that Logos is not just the written word, but God Himself. Cool.

Anyways, one reason why I blog is to keep a written record about the events of my life, my thoughts, feelings and funny crap. Those archives proved to be darn useful. Especially when you apply for scholarships (which I currently am doing so).

It's hard to remember all the dates of events, like exactly which day did I start/end my work as a Game Programmer at Envisage? When did I do my SAT test?

For those of us who joined W406 early, how about this: when did Weiren become our Cellgroup Leader? Was it 2007? Which month was that? 

Well? Can't remember can you? :P
Actually I can't either XD

I checked my email accounts; the first email I ever got from Weiren was Thu, Aug 16, 2007 at 12:10 AM. Hmm...

At any case, it was 2007, and how quickly 3-4 years has passed. Or slowly. Feels like we've known each other forever.

Okay I shall stop this retrospection, before I submerge myself in nostalgia. The point is, I blog to keep track of memories. I like to keep track of stuff. I'm an archivist, a scribe, whatever. Looking at data makes me feel powerful. In a couple of years time, we'll look back and see that 2011 would be indeed a year Promotion and Multiplication!

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