Sunday, February 6, 2011

Minecrafting with Josiah

Minecraft is super addictive!
Despite the pixelated (or some would say 'crappy') graphics, the gameplay is awesome.

This game is without form but full of substance.

Been playing with Josiah during this Chinese New Year :)
We started out with nothing, struggling to survive monsters attacks, and collecting the basic materials (wood, coal, stone). But after playing for many hours, we formed out our home nicely, planted crops, collected lots of resources, and built a long railway, etc

So here's how our abode looks like:

Outside our house.
That huge green mass is what we call the "World Tree".
To the right you can say a line of grey stuff, which is our railway track.

Inside our house
Fireplace in the center!

Our house is carved into a stony cliff lawl.

another view of our house 

 Railway in our house!

You can't imagine how much effort I put into building this railway.
It leads all the way to this huge cave, teeming with resources and monsters. The reason I built it was because it was quite a long walk from our house. The whole project consumed ALOT of iron, like about 60-70 Iron Ingots, all of which were legitimately mined (yes, you can cheat in the game).

But riding the cart is much fun! It's like a roller coaster ride :)

 Riding the railway system on a minecart

Riding pass the landscape
That's the World Tree in the background, a little to the left of the center.

This is our wheat farm.

Because of our wheat farm, we have tonnes of bread! Bread restores health, so it's awesome to have an inexhaustible supply of healing.

This is an ordinary tree. It's kinda dark; hope you can make it out.
Compare it with this:

The massive world tree :D

The trunk of the world tree is 9x9 tiles large, unlike the ordinary 1x1 trees.
Atop our house, is a vast expanse of sand. Here we made a cactus farm.

Cactus farm on top of our house.

It you're wondering whats that burning structure with green stuff surrounding it, it's the way down to our house. We surrounded it cactus and fire to guard ourselves against monsters that appear in the night.

Yeap, Minecraft rocks. And it's too addictive!
It's totally worth my $27.

Well that's it, hope you guys had a wonderful Chinese New Year :)

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