Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Minecraft, Music and Madness

Woot I just bought Minecraft yesterday!

Over the past few days. I have been playing Minecraft with Bryan, but I've been shamelessly using his girlfriend's account. Then, a surge of manhood sprung up within me, and I decided to do the right thing. I typed those 16 digits in, and within an instant, $26.96 departed from me. I silently (and embarrassingly) recount that this is the 1st time I spent money on a game in about 11 years.

So what in Arthas' Flowing White Mane is Minecraft???
A Blizzard game about mining???

Not at all, my speculative friend! What do you do in Minecraft? You

Haha nah it's more than that.

Minecraft is an adventure game, where you forge your own world, literally.
Don't let the shoddy, pixelated graphics fool you - there's real substance underneath that form.
To explain in layman terms, it's like creating a world with Lego, except that you are a person roaming in and building that world. Unfortunately, you'll most likely be lost at what to do without a friend to teach you the basics :P

Bryan and I had many adventures, such as building a cosy wooden cottage with a tall lookout tower, which had a waterfall flowing down from the top of the tower. We dug a nice pond, and we grew crops. Sadly, Bryan burned down the house in a failed attempt to create a fireplace. I went into the house to observe the carnage. Needless to say, both of us were incinerated alive XD

But thank God for the word "respawn".

The burning remnants of our house.
That's our waterfall, which kinda flooded the house after it burnt down.

We dug out elaborate mining shafts, battled the undead, crafted armor and equipment, built a glass tower that was founded upon a lake and reached to the clouds (later, we jumped off from the top into the lake). Oh yes, Bryan planted a tree on top of a tree on top of a tree on top of a tree on top of a tree on top of... uh you get the idea. Well maybe you don't.

The glass tower and a tree on a tree.
Bryan later extended both the tower and the "world tree" to the heavens.

You can build really cool stuff, like this beautiful hall I found online:

It's a great game, if you enjoy building worlds and playing games like Island Troll Tribes.


After some introspection, I realize that the main reason I wanna get a bass guitar is to compose songs - adding the bass parts to songs. But that would mean I'll need music software and recording equipment. And I'm not very into composing songs yet, it's just something I want to do as another hobby someday. Thus, I declare that getting a Bass Guitar will be of lower priority.

And that adds to the list of stuff I wanna do as hobbies:
- Music Composing
- Learn Bass Guitar
- Learn Piano
- Story Writing

I wouldn't consider playing games as a hobby I guess. More like a jumbled up combo of play and work.

Actually there's another thing I would like to do. Make awesomely cool and stupid T-shirt prints. For fun.

Oh yes, I was walking about Nex with Yufen and Joanne, looking for an ATM, when I suddenly stepped on something squishy. I was like crap... it's bound to be chewing gum or something.

Well it turned out to be something totally unexpected:

Wait... is that Sushi?!


Anyway, I won't be updating my blog as often as before. Gotta focus on more important things. So yeah, so sad. T.T cry me a river.

Peace out.


Sanyo Seiki said...

Minecraft is great! I like this game! I enjoyed reading your post! Thanks for sharing!

Sanyo Seiki

Sanyo Seiki said...

I'm so addiced to this game!

Sanyo Seiki