Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ye Olde Photos.

"Beneath be a gallery of random images,
of which most were taken in times long past,
but time was lacking to post them."


Mega Food.

Deal Breaker on mah head.
It had a profound psychological effect - nobody dared to form a full set.

Huge Lolli.

Moar Food.


Food and Deal.

Glowing heart.

Actually, the tiny words "我不是" are inscribed on the shirt.

NDP Clerks of 2011.
The sponsored trip atop the Marina Sands Resort.

Guitar Lesson :)
lol didn't know this pic was taken. Wanyi be the perpetrator.

Ryan's photographic skills displayed.

Trip to Switzerland.
Nah just went to Marche.
Love the photo. Love Ryan's Cam.

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