Tuesday, August 31, 2010

September - New Season

Finally Out Of Sungei Gedong!
Feels like ORD! Actually, being there was pretty slack, and the food is not so bad. People are (generally) friendly. My only issue is the *&%$^ travel distance!

Long travel distance = wake up very early = less sleep = sianz!

Neways, it's Nee Soon Camp for me on the 1st of September, which is TMR! Well I ain't that excited really... today's my last off day (Z.Z)


Went to Hexing's house yesterday.
Had a great time worshipping + praying + fellowship! Plus lotsa singing after that!

The awkward part was starting praise & worship. Usually there'll be Weiren or someone to kick start it. It was rather spontaneous and informal (I ain't got my chordbook) but we got it started with a "Through you I can do anything..."

We didn't plan the songs or anything beforehand but we just wanted more of God. Thank God for His presence! All glory to Him!


Recently, I have been thinking
"Why am I anointed?"
There are times when I hardly feel the presence of God when ministering, or I feel like I didn't play very well. But people would come up to me in say "Israel, when you play the guitar, the presence of God was very strong!" I would answer with a surprised "Really?" (Which also shows that talent does not equal to anointing)

Looking back at all these years, I don't think I had this anointing when I first became a CG guitarist. So how did it come about?

One reason (there are others) I realized is because of the prayers of W406! Every week you would pray for the CG worship in your sync prayers! I sincerely appreciate every single prayer! Thanks guys! Wanna thank Weiren especially for always praying for the anointing upon me all these years!

Most of all, I thank God, for every good and perfect gift comes from the Father of lights. I don't exactly know how it happens and I know I can't do it on my own. It must be God.


September - New Season
Not sure what's in store, but things are gonna change.
I'm changing camp.
The News will be out.
I'll be exactly 1 year in army (and 1 year from ORD).
And I believe that my spiritual life + maturity will grow.

There might be persecutions, there might be victories.
There might be an exodus, there might be a revival.
There might be tears, there might be laughter.
But no matter what, my source of strength, my source of hope is Christ alone.

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