Sunday, August 15, 2010

Anecdotes and Musings

Loads has happened since I last posted. I couldn't find time to frequently post cos I'm back in camp, so I'll try to summarize the series of events...

Met another CHC guy in camp again.
Was waiting for the shuttle bus one day again, and this dude, a little plump, wearing specs, and donning no.3 (Clerk uniform, same as mine) walked towards me, STARING intently at me, as though I'm some fascinating specimen of human lifeform. It was really awkward, as he was staring at me with a "hey didn't I see you somewhere before?" look - for like 10 seconds. When he finally reached me he said:

"I've seen you before."
"Do I know you?"
"You're an usher right? In church"
"Where did I meet you?"
"In church la!" (yea, I realized I asked the obvious :X)

So I found out that his name is Joel, also from service 1, and he's in choir. Hmm. I guess people notice you even when you think you're not being noticed. They're everywhere...watching your every step... Okay spooky talk aside... :P


Shortest. Leader's Meeting. Evar.
We had games, praise, worship, prayer, admin all in 1 hour! Amazing! Must be a work of God! Weiren said something about more time for Monopoly Deal- I mean godly fellowship.

Tan Jin + Chimpy!
Jin shaved to support some cancer movement, but he says that his head will feel cold in school. Thus, he brought Chimpy to warm his head. Chimpy is his pet soft toy, like how Polar is mine hahas :P

Chui has many fans! (no pun intended)
This awesome contraption has 3 fans that can blow at different directions!
Reminds me of airplane engines.

Table of fellowship.

Samuel :O

Sam and Brandon.



Jin really looks like a chimp here XD

Chimp on a bigger chimp.

Brandon poked Chimpy's nose.

Raymond and Jeremy (Kuang)

Cheesy Fries.

Most awesome Bar Chor Mee!

Actually I'm not sure if I can use the 词语 that way, but what the heck.
Jay Chou is incomparable nonetheless.


One word from the Father,
and my life is never the same.
Was going through a season of darkness and discouragement, largely due to self-disappointment and failure. But thank God that He spoke to me, while I was in camp! Was alone at a desk, feeling terrible and thinking about these bad events, when suddenly I felt God say "It's okay, I love you and I want you to try again."

IMMEDIATELY, my bitter feelings of sorrow turned into joy, and all the heaviness was lifted.

I'd like to believe that physical discipline was partly the reason why God spoke to me; I hadn't gone on a run for a week, but firmly decided to run 8km that day. Encouraged myself during the run with the song "Free" by Planetshakers playing in my head.

There's freedom in the name of Jesus,
Freedom from all shame.
There's freedom in the name of Jesus,
Freedom from all pain.
There's freedom in the name of Jesus,
Freedom from all sin.
There's freedom in the name of Jesus,
Freedom in the name of Jesus.

Weiren invited me to play for his Bible Study class - thank God for this privilege. Thank God that I could hear the word about Hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit. Thank God for a great DG, and an awesome sermon on the Fatherhood of God by pastor Kong!

Deeply touched by that sermon. In fact, it's my favourite lesson in Christian Lifestyle!

Gotta go now, hope I'll have more time to post in the future!

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