Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Busyness in my life is like a roller coaster, or like the seasons. It's very slack for a period of time, and (suddenly) my plate is covered with tight deadlines. After days of battling the storm and Murphy's Law, everything will (suddenly) become very slack again.

And it so happens that I'm in that busy season now. Tight deadlines from Robin, and tighter ones from my NS Supervisors. Praying that I can go for Zone Meeting tomorrow, 'cause my supervisor needs us to finish some stuff by tomorrow, even if it means staying back late into the night.

Perhaps God is enlarging my capacity. Like how I was rather randomly selected to be assistant IC for Internal Traffic last week. Please pray for me, for God's strength and wisdom to handle all these! :)

Well all I can say is:

To serve is Christ, to slack is gain.

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