Monday, December 12, 2011

The Final Lap

5 Exams and Mission 1 is over!
Mission 2 will start in 3 weeks time, but that's a different story.

I feel a great deal lighter after last Friday; all assignments and projects submitted!
The biggest of which is the Game Project: 2 months of hard work!
Bryan and I practically worked till 2am almost every day on it.
We would camp overnight at his place every Thursday.
And finally, it is finished.

Do me a favor, play my game!
Drop me a message or something, and I'll pass it to you :)

The game: Swarm

In Swarm, you play as a alien monster fish that controls a hive of tiny minions, known as Swarmlings.
Much like a queen bee with her colony of bees, except in the seas.

Order your Swarmlings to attack marine life, while dodging their assaults.

The game features 3 different kind of Swarmlings, each with unique abilities.
Some will charge towards your enemies and devour them like Piranhas.
Others shoot bolts of energy from a safe distance.

Customize your ideal army with a combination of the 3.

Battle 7 different sea creatures! And Epic Bosses!

Many people found the game addictive - students, teachers, and friends!

Hexing addicted to the game

All glory to God.

The journey was rough; there were days when I was losing it because of the physical tiredness, mental stress, and emotional weariness. I made plenty of mistakes - missed out on instructions, not submitting assignments properly, late for classes. Yet God helped me out. Friends will stop me from submitting wrongly and let me know what to submit. Lecturers would be gracious to let me submit later, or take a quiz that I missed.

It was God that helped me through my tests and papers - there were not a few papers when I got perfect/near perfect grade, which I knew I was not capable of. There was one paper which I was doing it wrongly. At the last few minutes of the test, someone asked my lecturer about the  requirements of the paper, and I realized my mistake. Because of that, I rushed through to change my essay and wrote a ton of crap. I was shocked to get 98/100. God must have blinded his eyes.

There must have been a dozen of such instances.

It must be the grace of God.

Alright I gotta go sleep now, C Programming Exam coming up later!
God's grace is upon me to do well!

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