Thursday, June 2, 2011


I've just heard a wonderful piece of news!!!!
But before I let you know what it is...

I take back what I said about playing with more variation and flow.
Sonia plays better than I do! (I think I can play as well as she does :P)
Check this out:

Ah!!! Feel like learning this song to prove that I can play it as well :X

But yeah, I gotta admit... she's better. And she can do all that funky plucking while singing with an awesome voice.

More than just amazing voices, Janice and Sonia have a heart for God. From what I observe, their hearts/intentions are pure. And man, they play music and sing with anointing. Not to mention pretty.

That's why I'm excited to say that...
Jayesslee are coming to our church this year! :D

Weiren tells me that their testimony of how Jesus changed their lives is wonderful.


lol this is so awesomely timely! I heard Jayesslee 2 years ago, but I started to really listen to them only like 2 days back, and now they're coming! Pretty soon! May many lives be impacted, and may Jesus alone be glorified!

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