Thursday, May 12, 2011

LIGHTS + NDP11 Website Launch

Just yesterday, I got an MSN msg from a NS friend that said "Hey Owl City fan, check this song out: "

A song about the frustrations of a misunderstood person,
who wishes that she could express herself better

Oh by the way, my friend was sitting like 4 metres away from me.

Wow, LIGHTS = Owl City - dreamy lyrics + gamer fantasy! I like Owl City's dreamy lyrics, but her lyrics are pretty good too. They speak to the heart.

Here's another 2 of her awesome songs:

1) Saviour (in my playlist)
2) My Boots <-- Awesome song with cool typography video!

National Day Parade 2011 Official Website is launching in a moment's time!
Woot, stayed overnight with mah peeps in the office to ensure the website can smoothly transit from the countdown to the actual website :)

Can't wait to get home and wash up! Didn't bathe/brush teeth for a day! Woke up on the office floor with my face oilier than the fried kuay tiao I ate last night :/

Do check out the website!

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