Sunday, October 10, 2010

Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2 ROCKS!
Played it on friday night and finished the whole campaign in abt 4-5hrs!
Its a really well tweaked game, with spectacular cinematics, thrilling gameplay, captivating storyline and packs one heck of a punch! I thoroughly enjoyed the campaign, except that it was kinda short, and I had to play the game at the lowest of lowest graphical settings T.T

Gotta love Captain "Soap" MacTavish and Captain Price.
The story has some tragic parts too...
But I shall not spoil the story...

Modern Warfare 1 & 2 can be summarized into 2 words: Interactive Movie.
Yep. It feels like you're watching and playing through a movie. Epicness.

I guess its a guy's game - fast-paced action, heroic endeavours, cool technology, epic stunts and cinematics, war and politics, etc. but without romance and with little relational/friendship scenes.

My rating: 9.0/10.0

Here's a video trailer of the game, but the actual game is so much cooler :)

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